Most of the 1970s and early 1980s era photographs were taken by Tim Lillethorup. Some of the very early photos were taken by Galen Lillethorup. Photos of Tim Lillethorup were taken by Brad Fanshaw, Chris Heyden and Ron Holman. Ron Holman’s photos are also used quite often.

A special thank you to USABMX for supplying many of the early 1980s images of particularly Greg Grubbs, Joe Baumert and Tim Lillethorup. The USABMX images were taken by 1980s staff photographers Brad Fanshaw, Denny Griffiths and Tim Lillethorup. To search the USABMX photo archives or inquire about purchasing USABMX images visit this link:

A large number of images have also been provided by the inductees themselves.

Please respect our rights to these images. We have provided them for the public to view and to enjoy the early days of BMX racing in Nebraska. You may use them on social media, but you do not have the right to print them for sale or to profit by them in books, or publications. Please contact Tim Lillethorup at (402) 341-5423 if you would like to use one of our images in this manner.

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