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Message from the OM - Scot Briethaupt

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Scot "OM (Old Man)" Breithaupt is known as the "Founding Father" of BMX as a sport. At a young age, in the late 1960's and early 1970's, Scot organized the first recognized BMX races. But his role in BMX didn't stop there and continues 40 plus years later. He is also the founder of SE (Scot Enterprises) Racing, a BMX company that runs strong to this day.

Scot has also been a good friend of Nebraska BMXers. Several of us have competed with him in the PRO Cruiser class and a few lucky ones were even sponsored by Scot and wore the SE Racing colors.

Scot heard about our Nebraska BMX Hall of Fame and alhough he could not attend the dinner and cermony, he did send the following message which Jerry Jensen read aloud for everyone to hear.

Thank you Scot! Your message was a highlight of our evening.


Jerry, Thanks for including me in the 1st Ever Nebraska BMX Hall Of Fame Ceremonies. I am truly honored and so very proud of the great BMX Ambassadors being inducted tonight. Having had personal relationships with each of them makes this dear to my heart. Be glad I'm not there cuz I'd be crying like a big baby , crocodile tears of joy for each of them!

Let me start with an apology to Greg Grubbs. You SHOULD have been a full Factory SE Fast Cat brother!! My bad, my loss! ..and yes, I still owe you a Quadangle and media lessons on my expectations of dealing with exposure! ha ha ha Redline took Stu from me and then got you too! Just like me, they knew that skinny little geek with glasses from Nebraska could flat out FLY!!! From your Haul arse hole shots to your incredible style in the air, it was a pleasure to watch to ride.. Now you have taken that incredible talent and grace to the pen and computer! From riding to writing, you are a class act my friend!

Dang what can I say about Kevin Renker... I didn't believe he was from Nebraska cuz he had the wavy blonde hair, talked like a surf rat always saying : "What's up Dude?" as his head bobbed up and down! (You have the act this one out! ) :)D Fast as they come, those long lean legs could spin a crank and his natural talent made it look easy! Sooooo : "Like What's up Kev?... Come on out to Cali, the berms are badass, the jumps are jammin' and the surf's raging dude!!! " ...

Joe Baumert is a solid dude, a Brother to me. On the track he was an animal; big, burly, a silent sickly fast giant. Off the track, he's been a motivator, a good friend, a spiritual leader, and has shown me unconditional brotherly love! .. I always thought with his ripplin' muscles he shoulda played football, but his GRACE on and off the track shows me, he fits in well wherever he sets his sights. I love you Joe.

Man O Man.. I remember Bubba The Blaze Hayes coming in from practice pissed off at an ABA National when he was 14. He said: " Did you see that gorrila with a moustache on my gate?.. That dude Doug Olson is a BRICK WALL!, I leaned into him in the first turn and ..." I stopped Bubba short and said: "They're corn fed out here Bubba...Big & mean as a steer...ya gotta snake under 'em and pray thay don't catch ya... cuz Doug will use you for traction meat!..."... Funny that Doug didn't play Pro football too... An easy going, great guy off the track, a mean and nasty Nebraska Cornhusker on the track.. The Torker Thunder had poor Bubba perplexed!

Last but not least, My dear friend Tim Lillethorup. the whitest guy to ever have an afro!! Tim Kos and I BATTLED in the Pro Cruiser class for a few years.. tuff, tenacious , elbow banging, berm shootin' three way thrashing racing to the finish, and then hugs and dinner after! A true sportsman and friend! His contributions to our soprt with his web sites and other work is unequaled. Thx Li Brother..

I love you all, thx for being part of BMX and my life! I hope you can all make it out to So Cali, to join the ABA & I at Bellflower BMX track Novenber 14th for the 40th Anniversary of BMX. I'm anxious to see you all! God Bless, C-Ya.. Scot, The OM of BMX . . .